Shipyard Lifting

  • Arm Crane

    Arm Crane

    Rail-mounted gantry cranes (RMG) are specialized yard container handling machines. Rail Mounted Double Girder Container Gantry...

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  • Floating Dry Dock Cranes

    Floating Dry Dock Cranes

    Shipyard Floating Dock Crane are mainly used in the port, shipyard, ships at wharfs for mechanized handing and transshipment....

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  • Floating Crane Triton

    Floating Crane Triton

    A wide variety of heavy-duty undercarriages (fixed, free-standing, crawler, rail and rubber tire versions available). Quiet,...

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  • Floating Dock Cranes

    Floating Dock Cranes

    Floating Dock Crane for Ship Repairing Business Capacity from 5tons to 100tons, our Design, Manufacture and Commissioning...

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  • Floating Crane

    Floating Crane

    Floating crane is installed on the barge or special boat. Adopts rack and pinion luffing, boom balance system and compensation...

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  • Floating Cranes

    Floating Cranes

    Rail Mounted Floating Dock Crane have been specifically designed and manufactured to work in a marine environment and adopt...

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  • Floating Crane Barge

    Floating Crane Barge

    professional exported CCS ABS certificate fixed boom/jib/arm floating dock crane We are the sales team for CLARKE crane,our...

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  • Floating Dock Crane Kit

    Floating Dock Crane Kit

    Cabin with Good Overview Windows All in One Control Cabin with Beautiful Design, Wide Vision. Humanization of interior design...

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  • Crane for Floating Dock

    Crane for Floating Dock

    Brief introduction of CLARKE Brand floating dock crane pedestal marine crane 1. Quickened the turnover and the operation of...

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  • Floating Container Crane

    Floating Container Crane

    High Efficiency floating dock crane with pedestal A Brief Introduction of floating dock crane The portal pedestal crane...

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  • Floating Crane Canute

    Floating Crane Canute

    Manufacturer Four-Link Wharf Portal Crane Floating Dock Sea Port Heavy Lifting Portal Crane Working in the Open-air, portal...

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  • Dock Arm Cranes

    Dock Arm Cranes

    Dock Arm Crane for Floating/Dry Dock Dock Arm Crane is one manlift for ship repair equipped with floating dock, which owns...

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