What Are The Effects Of Gantry Crane Operating State Transitions?

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Gantry crane in the course of the operation, there will be a variety of unexpected situations, so we have to pay attention to the real-time gantry crane running in order to make the gantry crane to achieve safe operation. For example, the gantry crane from the suspension state to the state of operation or from the operating state to the suspension of the state, this process will be on the gantry crane parts what kind of impact?

Gantry crane from the suspension to the operation of the process, just for the electric motor that moment, the gantry crane in the electromagnetic brake will not immediately release, so there will be a large current in the process of starting. For brakes, such a process will affect the service life of the brake shoe.

If the running process is reversed, that is, from run to stop, then the gantry crane brake will be more than the motor power, then, on the motor, because the brake before the power is now gradually tightened, so Will certainly increase the current before the power off. In order to ensure the service life of each component, each operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions.

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