The Basic Mechanism Of The Crane

- Aug 09, 2017 -

In today's increasingly widespread use of cranes, it is necessary for us to learn more about its basic structure.


Crane hoisting mechanism consists of two sets of the same and independent winch system, before and after the layout in the engine room. When the hopper is operated, the front winch's wire rope is connected to the 4 rope gripping closure rope, and the rear part is connected to the lifting rope. Each system includes DC motors, reducers, brakes and wire ropes, respectively. And other models is different from the reducer for the hanging structure, in the input shaft side of the box is equipped with a pin-type sensor, bear the rope when the load by the force, by the resistance in the shaft will be loaded on the load Signal to the electronic display device. The middle of the reducer is also equipped with a pulse encoder, 500 pulses per revolution to send a pulse signal, through the data processing to show the height of the goods.


The crusher mechanism of the crane is installed on the middle platform of the human frame. Three sets of rectangular screw screw drive are used. The whole set includes motor, brake, ultimate torque coupling, reduction gear pair and screw. In the pinion shaft at one end with signal and protection devices: a pulse encoder, stroke limit switch, speed motor, speed limit switch. The luffing mechanism is lubricated with oil in the outer tank.


The crane's rotating mechanism consists of two sets of drive devices and external gear three-row roller bearings. The drive units are arranged in the front half of the machine room, each device including vertical motor and with limit torque coupling, brake, vertical planetary gear reducer. The pinion of the planetary gear reducer is engaged with the ring gear fixed to the gantry to drive the rotating part of the crane to rotate.


The operating mechanism of the crane is four independent trolley components, which are installed under the four support frames of the gantry end girders. Each group has six wheels, six of which are active wheels. The structure of the running trolley group includes: support frame, balance beam, active trolley, driven trolley and so on. Support frame for the pin-type, when the mast lift, the entire trolley can be rotated 90 °, can make the crane to run. Balanced beam for the box structure, which bear the crane's own load and external load, and connected to the main, driven frame. The hinge hole is the upper and lower sides. The active trolley is driven by the motor with the elastic pin coupling of the brake wheel, which drives the conical cylindrical gear reducer and passes the open gear to the active wheel to drive the crane.

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