Selection And Maintenance Of Crane Pulley

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Today, the economic development faster and faster, directly promote the development of the construction industry. Crane as one of the main construction equipment, its work intensity is also growing, in the long-term high-intensity cycle of the work of the situation, the crane itself and the parts caused some damage, which requires us to consider how to reduce The work of the crane, and the pulley is a crane component must be considered an important component.

Crane The purpose of the pulley is to wear around the wire rope, change the direction of movement of the rope and achieve the purpose of effort. Depending on its role, can be divided into fixed pulley, moving pulley, pulley group, guide pulley and so on. In the hoisting operation, if only the use of fixed pulley, you can only change the direction of the force, can not play the role of effort; only use the moving pulley can play a labor force, but can not change the direction of force. So that the pulley and the pulley must be connected together to form a pulley group to meet the requirements of the crane operation.

Pulleys according to their different materials, divided into hot-rolled pulley, cast iron pulley, steel pulley, nylon pulley and aluminum alloy pulley. From the small, low level of work optional cast iron pulley, nylon pulley and aluminum alloy pulley The choice of pulley material can be based on the size of the weight, work level and explosion requirements and other factors into account.

In order to reduce the binding force on the wire rope, the new pulley on the rope groove diameter than the new wire rope diameter is slightly larger, the pulley on the crane regardless of what kind of material are made in the wear. The different forms of pulley wear and the use of the situation, the more frequent use, the more serious wear and tear. Since the condition of the pulley has a great effect on the overall service life of the wire rope, the pulley should be checked regularly and the inspection focus is on the wear of the pulley groove.

The wear of the pulley is due to the wire rope cut into the pulley, when the pulley rope slot is too narrow, the pulley will reduce the service life of the rope and reduce the use of new installation of wire rope performance, the new wire rope will be from the radial pressure. For high-performance anti-rotating wire rope, the broken pulley is particularly destructive, the pressure will be in a very short period of time caused by wire rope breakage or rope structure changes, such as jumping wire, rope ran out or wave deformation. High-performance anti-rotation wire rope damage can be broken by the length of the rope and the outer rope to determine the difference, in accordance with the requirements of ISO4309, this typical damage to the scrapped standards. The crane owner can handle this damage by replacing the new pulley or by processing the rope slot. All used pulleys should be tested before installing a new wire rope. As long as the rope groove surface smooth, rope groove width than the actual diameter of the rope, you do not need to do any dressing.

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