Safety Requirements For Construction Of Port Cranes

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Port crane in the mechanical construction, due to the entire operation with a certain risk, therefore, must pay attention to a series of safety measures to ensure safe production. Yuanwang that the lifting of personnel in accordance with the requirements of the operation is to ensure the safety of one of the important links.

Safe operation General requirements: When the driver takes over, the brake, hook, wire rope and safety device should be checked. Found that the performance is not normal, should be excluded before the operation, if not excluded is not allowed to operate.

Before driving, you must ring or alarm. Operation close to people, should also be given intermittent ringtones or alarm. Operation should be carried out according to the command signal. The emergency stop signal, regardless of who issued, should be implemented immediately. The main power supply can be closed when no one is confirmed on or around the crane. If the power circuit breaker on the lock or signs, should be removed by the relevant personnel before closing the main power supply.

Before closing the mains, make sure that all the controller handles are zero. When the work suddenly power, all the controller handle plate should be back to zero; before re-working, should check whether the crane action is normal;

In addition, the driver for maintenance, should cut off the main power supply and put signs or locked. If there is no failure to cancel, should notify the successor driver.

As a professional operator, we must follow the requirements to implement the entire work, hope that the relevant enterprises in the lifting of the operation to do a good job training to ensure that the safety of the lifting of the work progress.

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