Port Crane Equipment Also Needs Anti-corrosion

- Aug 09, 2017 -

With the deterioration of the atmospheric environment, the increase in acid content in the rain, the port crane such as the use of open-air equipment also caused no small impact, so that the maintenance of the port crane anti-corrosion is also a focus. To prevent the port crane corrosion mainly have the following points to note, the following look forward to you and to look at.

(1) on the metal structure of the damaged part of the film, the components should be removed from the surface clean, coated with anti-rust paint and decorative film to protect the metal surface in the rain after the rain is not rusted.

(2) in the port crane part of the activities, such as sling and crane connecting pin, the guide wheel, car wheels, etc., to do a good job of anti-rust work. Can be in the shutdown, the first brush with these parts of the brush clean, remove the corrosion can lead to impurities, moisture, rust and other parts of these parts with -10 or -20 diesel, because -10 or -20 diesel oil permeability Stronger than the oil, the part of the load can penetrate into the metal surface to produce oil film, and because of its low freezing point, it can resist low temperature.

(3) in the use of diesel cleaning and lubrication, and then coated with a layer of grease. Calcium or lithium grease is a good choice, because these two grease, mechanical stability, adhesion and water resistance is better, the freezing point can reach -20 degrees, coated with grease, the coating should not be too thick.

At the same time, Yuanwang also remind the majority of port crane users, relying solely on these maintenance matters or not enough, we must establish a sound maintenance practices, regular, in order to effectively extend the life of equipment to improve the use of safety factor.

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