Introduction Of Maintenance Methods For Port Cranes

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Port crane is a very important terminal lifting equipment, in the daily traffic is very large, material handling capacity of the port, the terminal, with a high-quality handling equipment is very necessary and very favorable thing. The form of port cranes is also varied. But no matter what kind of port crane, its hook and the maintenance of the equipment itself is essential.

Then talk about the maintenance of the hook, we first do is to check the regular hook. Generally encountered the following circumstances should immediately be scrapped. 

① crack. 

② the wear of the dangerous section is not greater than 5% of the original height; according to the standard use of the hook, should be greater than the original size of 10%. 

③ opening than the original increase of 15%. 

④ reverse deformation of more than 10 degrees. 

⑤ dangerous section or hook neck plastic deformation. 

⑥ plate hook bush wear amount of 50% of the original size, it should be discarded core sets. 

⑦ plate hook core shaft wear volume of the original size of 5%, should be discarded mandrel.

Some people say that the above situation can be used to repair welding, repair can continue to use. This idea is absolutely infeasible. Hooks in the event of the above-mentioned defects can not be welded. This point we must bear in mind.

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