How To Carry Out The Loading And Unloading Work Of The Port Crane Safely

- Aug 09, 2017 -

1, choose the appropriate qualifications of the disassembly team. The use of units for tower crane disassembly work, you must choose the team with the corresponding professional qualifications, shall not be entrusted to obtain the corresponding professional disassembly and qualification of the units of the tower crane disassembly work.

2, really prepared disassembly program, the security technology to the end. The dismantling and dismantling of the port crane shall be prepared in detail. After the approval of the commissioned units. Disassembly operations before the dismantling unit should be seriously to all the construction workers to carry out safety technology, and to apply for safety technology to confirm the procedures.

3, in strict accordance with the disassembly procedures disassembly. Disassembly operations during the process, must be based on different models of the specific requirements of the crane, in strict accordance with the disassembly procedures to prevent accidents.

4, do a good job disassembly equipment selection. Before disassembly, should be based on the construction site and the maximum structural parts weight, installation height, etc. Select the appropriate lifting equipment.

The above items are for the equipment itself, the surrounding site should also configure the appropriate protective work, such as the provision of fence, fence, evacuation and other personnel, reduce risk, safe assembly and disassembly.

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