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Installation Services

CLARKE  started from lifting solution thinking, we are looking for the best economic and timesaving way to finish site installation mission, the professional technician team with much experience is undisputed most important thing to make the installation plan, in this field we require our customers to understand the importance of our installation services included in our offer to achive the project together successfully and ealier.

1.  Installation Options

1.1 Option A. Technical guide, installation & management the customer need supply us a installation team (3~8 persons)

with necessary tools and material. We supply engineers and project manager to guide the whole installation with customer’s



1.2 Option B. Installation Team for all installation activities the customer just need supply us 1 or 2 assistant at site with

necessary tools and material. We will supply installation engineers, project manager and installation technician.


2. Commissioning & Training

2.1 Commissioning

Hydraulic system, electric system, safety hoisting test and traveling test, and safety system test. All the commissioning and test will be in accordance with test procedure.

2.2 Operation training

Train 2 ~4 operators for customers with 3~7 days actual operation is one of our  services after commissioning.

2.3 Maintenance training

We will show how to inspect crane working condition, and train your engineers how to solve normal fault.

2.4 Fatcory Acceptance Test-FAT

we make a series of compulsory FAT for wire rope hoist, mobile boat hoist and mobile harbour crane in factory before delivery, we make a series of optional FAT for overhead crane, gantry crane and portal jib   crane in factory before delivery. 

2.5 Factory Acceptance Trainning Course-FATC

we will invite the customer's engineers to accept our training course in our factory for a period of 3~5days in theory and actual operation course.