What is the welding standard for gantry cranes?

- Aug 09, 2017 -

For large cranes such as gantry cranes, the success of welding is mainly determined by the correct specification. We have to judge this door crane how to weld, there are many aspects to see:

Welding process factors affecting the tensile strength and bending properties of welded joints, including welding methods, base metal type, electrode grade, type of protective gas and so on. If any of these factors change, then the entire gantry crane is required to re-evaluate the welding process.

Can not underestimate the secondary factors, not for some minor changes in the factors do not have to re-assessment, it means that the secondary factor is not important, if the same crane encountered on the weld is two or more welding methods of operation, It should be targeted for each welding method or welding process were assessed. Of course, the combination of assessment is also possible.

So, for the gantry crane welding standards, must have the correct norms to guide, in order to detours, and makes the function of gantry crane can play the largest. Do not use this equipment for this reason.

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