To prevent the crane tipping over the effective measures

- Aug 09, 2017 -

To prevent the crane tipping over the effective measures which, see the following small series for you finishing:

1. The road of the crane must be smooth, solid and reliable, and the parking place must be flat.

2. Cranes can not be parked on the slope of the work, do not allow the two cranes or legs to stay a high or low part of a soft or soft soil.

3. Lifting the components, the sling to keep the vertical, not beyond the crane radius of the diagonal drag, so as to avoid overload and rope slip or pull the rope leaving the crane instability. Lift rope should be provided when lifting heavy components.

4. Crane operation, arm lift, down, turn to be smooth, not in the air shaking, while trying to avoid emergency braking or shock vibration and other phenomena. Failure to take reliable technical measures and without the approval of the relevant technical departments, the crane is strictly prohibited overloading, in order to avoid the acceleration of mechanical parts wear and cause crane tipping.

5. Crane should try to avoid full load; at full load or close to full load, is strictly prohibited at the same time to lift and turn (lifting and horizontal rotation or lifting and walking) two kinds of actions, so as to avoid road or inertia force Causing the crane to overload and cause a rollover accident.

6. When the two lifting machinery at the same time, the two hooks hanging between the components should be maintained more than 5m between the safe distance, to avoid the collision accident.

7. Double lifting the components, according to the crane's lifting capacity for a reasonable load distribution (lifting the quality of the two cranes can not exceed the total weight of 75%, the load of each crane should not exceed its safety 80% of the load). Operation, must be under the unified command, action coordination, while lifting and moving, and the two cranes hook, pulley group should be basically maintained in the vertical state. The cranes of the two cranes should work closely with each other to prevent one crane from losing weight and overload the other crane.

8. Lifting, there should be a person responsible for the unified command, command staff should be located in the operator's vision and the location, and can clearly see the whole process of lifting. Crane drivers must be familiar with the signal, and according to the command of the various signals to operate; command signal should be unified in advance, the signal should be clear and accurate.

9. When wind power is equal to or greater than six, it is forbidden to carry out crane movement and hoisting operations in open air.

10. When the crane stops working, it should stop the rotation and travel mechanism, lock the driver room door. Hooks should not hang components, and should rise to height, so as not to swing wounding and cause cranes instability.

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