The crane is moving in the direction of automation and intelligence

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The updating and development of cranes depend to a great extent on the improvement of electrical drive and control. The mechanical technology and electronic technology combined with advanced computer technology, microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, optical technology, hydraulic technology, fuzzy control technology is applied to the mechanical drive and control system, realize the automation and intelligent crane. Let's talk about it in detail today.

A new generation of electric control device for cranes has been developed into an all electronic digital control system. It is mainly composed of digital control driving device, programmable logic controller, fault diagnosis and data management system, digital manipulation, given test and so on. VVVF, RF data communication, fault diagnosis, monitoring of sling anti swing fuzzy control, laser search load center, near field inductive anti-collision technology, fieldbus, carrier communication and control, contactless power supply and three-dimensional bar code technology will be widely used. So that the crane has higher flexibility, in order to more flexible production model for many batches and small quantities, to improve the level of single machine integrated automation. Focus on the development of high performance electric drive with microprocessor as the core of the device, the crane has excellent speed and static and dynamic characteristics, automatic control, automatic operation can be carried out by displaying and recording, automatic protection and automatic detection of crane operation, the remote control and other special occasions, to meet the needs of automatic production.

The crane uses a laser device to locate the center of gravity of the lifting object, and an ultrasonic sensor is arranged on the fetching device to guide the fetching device to automatically grab the goods. The automatic anti roll system of the sling can reduce the swing amplitude of the lifting object to several millimeters at the speed of 200m / min and acceleration of 0.5m2 / s. The crane can be located with high precision through a magnetic field converter or laser. A near field induction system is installed on the crane to avoid collisions between cranes. The microcomputer monitoring system of self diagnosis is also installed on the crane, the system can provide the most regular maintenance checks, such as gearbox oil temperature, oil temperature, wheel bearing, crane load, stress and vibration, brake lining life and temperature etc..

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