Operation rules of single girder overhead crane

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Detailed operation of single beam bridge crane

1. before work

A. a single beam bridge crane with a driver's cab, before the driver takes over the vehicle, shall check the components of the hook, wire rope and safety device according to the requirements of the spot check card, and find out the abnormal situation, and shall be excluded.

B. single beam overhead crane with ground handling, each class should be specially responsible for inspection according to the requirements of the spot check card, and the abnormal situation should be ruled out.

The C. operator must be able to close the main power supply when the station or track is confirmed unattended. When the power circuit breaker is locked or has a sign, the original person concerned should be removed and the main power supply can be closed.

2. work

The A. class first lifting weights (or load maximum weight), should be hanging from the ground height 0.5 meters, will re load down, check the brake performance, reliable confirmation, then normal operation.

B. strictly enforce the "ten do not hang" system:

Command signal unknown or disorderly command, not hanging;

More than rated lifting weight is not suspended;

The sling is not used properly or the hanging of the object is not firm;

Hanging objects or other floating objects are not hung;

The brake or other braking safety device failure is not suspended;

Do not hang the weight hanging directly processed when driving;

The slanting pull Xiegua crane;

The explosive objects are not hanging;

We buried objects without lifting;

The angular pieces of objects, not be hanging pad;

C. found abnormal, stop immediately, cut off the power supply, check the cause and remove it in time.

3. after work

A. lift the hook to a certain height. The cart stops at the designated position. The handle of the controller is placed "zero"; the knife is pulled down and the power supply is cut off.

B. daily maintenance.

C. do shift work.

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