Light crane daily maintenance matters must not be less

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Light crane is a heavy loading and unloading machinery and equipment. In order to avoid accidents, we should pay attention to the routine maintenance of light crane. Following by Shandong Tai Feng lifting equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. Xiao Bian for you to introduce the daily overhaul of light cranes:

The first is to overhaul the light crane pulley pulley shield should be installed firmly, without obvious damage or deformation; the pulley rotating flexible smooth no cracks, no defect and no defect rim parts damage of steel wire rope; round groove uneven wear amounts to 3mm. Or the thickness of the wall is 20% of the original wall thickness, or the bottom diameter of the wheel groove is reduced to 50% of the diameter of the wire rope, the pulley shall be scrapped.

Then the maintenance of the light crane wire rope wire rope is fixed on the end plate shall be not less than 2; the length of the wire rope must ensure that the hook down to the lowest position, the remaining wire rope on the drum is not less than 3 times; the wire rope should be no kinks, dead, hard bending, plastic deformation, extrusion and other serious hemp core the deformation, good lubrication condition.

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