How to choose the outdoor work of the gantry crane

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Crane is a large lifting equipment, we usually use more opportunities in the outdoor, but in outdoor work, the weather will be relatively large. For example, in the windy weather, the operation will bring some difficulties to the operation of the gantry crane.

Because the lifting mechanism of crane is in the process of lifting the cargo, it will experience a certain degree of wind resistance due to the goods' section and the huge shape structure of the equipment. What should we do about this situation? What kind of gantry crane should we choose to cope with the wind resistance?

In fact, the gantry crane is to rely on the motor to work, so the main consideration of the static power of the motor, you can choose the right portal crane. This is how the static rate it? Let's have a look.

The static power of the gantry crane motor is mainly affected by the operation speed of the crane, the efficiency of the whole machine and the resistance to running. And the running resistance includes wind resistance, transportation resistance, contact friction resistance and so on. Especially in outdoor time, the calculation of wind resistance is particularly important. So when we choose the gantry crane motor, we usually consider these factors together to choose.

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