Description of the components of the crane

- Aug 09, 2017 -

The crane is mainly composed of a bridge rack, a big car running mechanism and a car with lifting and running mechanism. The main beam is covered with a trolley and a running rail. The outer side of the main beam is equipped with a moving table. The side is designed for the installation and the running mechanism of the cart. The other side is provided with a conductive device for installing the trolley. A full view control room is hung under the main beam. The control room is equipped with a linkage console or a single controller. The driving mechanism of the car is driven separately. The crane has four wheels, more than 50 tons, eight wheels, and an angular bearing box with rolling bearings. It is installed on both sides of the end beam after assembly. The trolley of crane consists of lifting mechanism and trolley operating mechanism.

To listen to the strict command information work, when the signal is unknown is very prone to accidents caused by accident, if to immediately stop working or wait after work; work if power outages should immediately switch off the power outages, and uniform material release in the ground.

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