Crane electrical technology - Environmental requirements

- Aug 09, 2017 -

Crane electrical technical requirements are probably the following parts:

First, the environmental conditions of the crane

1, the power requirements for the three-phase AC, frequency 50HZ, voltage 380V, the motor and electrical appliances to allow voltage toggle the upper limit of the rated voltage +10%; lower limit (peak current) rated voltage of -15%.

2, the working environment shall not have flammable, explosive and corrosive gases.

3, the installation site of the altitude of not more than 2000 meters, more than 1000 meters when the motor capacity to check.

4, lifting items on the crane's radiation temperature does not exceed 400 degrees Celsius.

5, the outdoor use of the crane non-working state of the maximum wind pressure of 800Pa.

Second, the use of lifting machinery performance

1, the lifting capacity of the crane should reach the rated weight.

2, the hook crane, lifting objects in the brake when the braking distance (the controller in the descending speed of the minimum stop stable operation, pull back to zero, from the brake power to the goods when the downtime) should be less than 1 Minutes within a stable lifting distance of 1/65.

3, the hook crane, when the rise of the working level M4, M5, M6, and the rated speed is equal to or higher than 5m / min when the brake is required to be smooth, should be used to ensure that the electrical brake in the 0.2 ~ 1.0 When the rated load range falls, the motor speed before braking falls below 1/3 of the synchronous speed, and the speed should be stable.

4, electromagnetic sucker suction capacity should not be less than the rated value.

5, double trolley crane, two cars the same body of the operation should be linked to the machine can also be a separate action.

Third, the crane electrical equipment selection principle

1, the general use of AC drive AC control system, in the use of frequent or poor operating conditions, it is appropriate to use DC drive, control system.

2, should adopt the standard crane electrical control equipment.

3, cranes complete sets of resistors should adopt standard products, such as special needs, can also be designed by the manufacturer, but must meet the relevant requirements of GB3811-2008.

4, other electrical equipment and components should be used for cranes or to meet the requirements of the crane products.

5, electrical products must have a production license or model of use or to meet the requirements of the crane products.

Fourth, the crane voltage loss

1, the voltage loss, AC power supply, in the peak current, the bottom of the self-powered transformer to the crane any motor terminal voltage loss is less than 15% of the rated voltage.

Fifth, the crane electrical equipment requirements

1, electrical equipment installation should be solid, in the course of work, should not occur relative to the host of horizontal movement and vertical beating, vertical installation of the control cabinet, screen, the vertical degree of less than 12 per thousand, the installation site maximum vibration conditions: 5 ~ 13HZ, the displacement is 1.5mm; 13 ~ 50HZ, the vibration acceleration of 10m / S2.

2, installed in the electrical room electrical equipment, the protection level can be IP00, but should have appropriate protective measures.

3, 3 boxes and below the resistor can be directly stacked, 5 boxes and box stacking, should consider the reinforcement measures and require the distance between the boxes greater than 80mm, spacing is too small should reduce the capacity to use or take other measures.

4, installed in various parts of the electrical equipment, should be able to facilitate and safe maintenance. Take the platform and the electrical room before the electrical equipment should generally leave more than 600mm channel, under special circumstances allow appropriate reduction, but not less than 500mm.

5, indoor use of the crane, installed on the bridge electrical equipment should be no exposed live parts, the minimum protection level IP10. Outdoor use of the crane, the electrical equipment such as installation in the unshielded protection of the place, the enclosure protection level should not be lower than the IP33, in a shelter protection of the place, the shell protection level can be appropriately reduced.

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